Shadow the Labrador RetrieverRoxie the Pygmy GoatKazzy the CamelZZ Top the Zeedonk
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The largest expense we have, as you can imagine, is feeding our many animals. And because our community service is done free of charge, we gratefully accept donations to help cover the cost of food and vet bills. We are a nonprofit organization; our registered name is LYON RANCH THERAPY ANIMALS and our tax id # is 16-1690580. Your gifts are tax deductible.

If you are interested, click either of the "Donate" buttons and enter an amount for any of our animals listed below.

Name Cost to feed
for 1 week
Cost to feed
for 1 month
Cost to feed
for 3 months
Kazzy the Camel $42 $168 $504
Norman the Watusi $42 $168 $504
Bert the Umbrella Cockatoo $20 $80 $240
Theo the Catalina Macaw $20 $80 $240
Cherry the Blue Streak Lory $18 $72 $216
Glory the Blue Mountain Lory $18 $72 $216
Apollo the Sun Conure $18 $72 $216
Hughey the Patagonian Conure $18 $72 $216
CoCo the Nanday Conure $18 $72 $216
Chester the Serval $17.50 $70 $210
Po-Po the Miniature Donkey $17.50 $70 $210
Muppet the Miniature Horse $17.50 $70 $210
Roxie the Pygmy Goat $10 $40 $120


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