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Glory the Blue Mountain Lory

Interesting Fact: A Lory's diet consists of nectar, pollen, fruit and flowers. Not seeds!

Glory came to us at 5-weeks old from a breeder in San Diego, June 2002.

The Blue Mountain Lory is also referred to as a "Rainbow" Lory because of its beautiful coloring. They are perhaps the most brilliantly colored of all the parrots. Native to the interior of New South Wales, Australia, the Lory seldom descends to the ground, but spends its life among the gum trees feeding upon the pollen and nectar on which it mainly subsists.

Glory is a very active, playful and happy bird. She whistles and talks and mimics a cell phone ringing and a conversation to go with it!

She delights Seniors with her activity and vibrant coloring in our animal assisted therapy program.


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