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Hughey the Patagonian Conure

Interesting Fact: Patagonian Conures are the largest member of the Conure family, measuring 18-20 inches long.

Hughey came to us from a breeder in Miranda, CA. Having deformed legs, Hughey was falling off his perch and had special needs that required lots of attention.

Found in Northern and Central Argentina and some parts of Central Chile, Patagonian Conures have received the nicknames "cliff dwelling parrots" and "burrowing parrots" due to their choice of nesting sites high in bare cliffs.

Used to handling, Hughey is easy going and loves to be petted. He also does not squawk as loudly as most Conures. He is a natural for our animal assisted therapy program.

Hughey enjoys older people, and they in turn enjoy his soft velvety feathers.


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