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Kazzy the Camel

Interesting Fact: Camel hair does not have dander; People who are allergic to cats or dogs have no allergies to camels!

Our friend, and often star attraction, Kazzy, is a female Bactrian Camel (the two hump variety) from Casper, Wyoming. Her birthday is May 17, 2000 and she joined our family when she was 3 days old (and 110 lbs.)

When she first arrived, Kazzy, like all babies, required round-the-clock care and even slept in our bed! She drank 5 gallons of formula a day. Today, at 3-yrs. old, Kazzy weighs 1,100 lbs. and will weigh up to 2,200 lbs. when full grown.

Kazzy is docile and gentle. She loves babies in strollers and folks in wheelchairs, putting her head gently in their lap. And she loves to give kisses.

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