Bert the Umbrella CockatooCoCo the Nanday ConureChester the ServalPo-Po the Miniature Donkey
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Here we'd like to give you the opportunity to meet some of our animal friends who visit nursing homes and long-term care facilities through our Animal Assisted Therapy program.

Click on a name to see a movie of each animal and to find the interesting answers to questions like: What's a Bactrian Camel? What does a Blue Mountain Lory eat? And what the heck is a Watusi?

Kazzy the Camel Cherry the Blue Streak Lory
Chester the Serval Glory the Blue Mountain Lory
Norman the Watusi Hughey the Patagonian Conure
Bert the Umbrella Cockatoo Apollo the Sun Conure
Theo the Catalina Macaw CoCo the Nanday Conure
Po-Po the Miniature Donkey Roxie the Pygmy Goat
Muppet the Miniature Horse


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