Sunny in Sonoma

In order to be more eco-friendly, Lyon Ranch has flipped the switch and become solar.  While we've grown a lot of our own produce for the animals over the years, electricity is not as simple to harvest.  Throughout both the summer and winter, many of our animals require climate controlled environments using air conditioners, heaters or heating pads.  Additionally, due to specialized diets, we can never have too many freezers.  Solar panels will go a long way in reducing our carbon footprint.  


Marcelo Says Hello!!

July 19, 2017 saw the arrival of the newest family member on the ranch.  4 month old Marcelo, Cello for short, came to the ranch as a result of an exceptionally generous donation by Freddy Rocker.  Cello was born at Camel Hill Vineyards in Los Gatos on March 7, where he was immediately noticed for his easy going and affectionate nature.  Training Cello to be a consistent therapy animal is a journey that could take years, but he's already well on his way.