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We often have calls from veterinarians, neighbors, breeders or organizations such as Pets Lifeline Animal Shelter about animals that need homes or special care.

We were contacted when an 85 yr. old woman took her 5 cats, 3 dogs and blind turkey named "Susie" to the vet to be euthanized. The turkey was a big hit with seniors and folks in a psychiatric hospital we visited in our animal assisted therapy program. Susie was very friendly and loved to dance and be petted, staying with us until dying of old age.

We were called when a fox was found caught in a vineyard fence with an exposed leg bone. We were also called when a 2 week old owl was found in a vineyard, pushed out of the nest prematurely. In these cases, the goal is rehabilitation and release back into the wild.

In the case of "Banjo" the baby owl, Rob built a nest outside on our deck, away from predators and fed the owl mice until he could teach Banjo to hunt at 3 months old. That was something to hear! Rob would put mice on the roof for Banjo to chase and we could hear 3 set of feet running above us during the process: the mouse, Banjo and Rob. Eventually Rob took mice to a pasture and Banjo would find them. As the owl matured, he would leave for periods of time. At 4 and a half months old, Banjo began nesting in trees. At 5 and a half months Banjo found a mate and has been spotted occassionally in the area since.


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