There's no better testimonial to the benefits of animal assisted therapy than the words of program directors and staff members of the facilities that we visit:

"I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wonderful animals and birds with the children at Willmar Center. Your visit was truly a highlight for them, and the experience was immeasurably healing, joyful and strengthening. It was a pleasure and a gift to meet you. On behalf of all our children and families, I thank you, and extend my personal gratitude for your caring and your generous spirit."

Nina S. Gorbach, MS, MFT
Executive Director
Willmar Center for Bereaved Children
Sonoma, CA


"Thank you for your visit during National Rehabilitation Week to John Muir Medical Center. We appreciate your taking time and effort to bring the animals to our facility. the value of pet therapy receives much attention when you arrive with Kazzy!! The patients and staff certainly enjoyed the "hands-on" experience of touching live animals.

Many of the medical center staff...look forward to this day all year as chance to see patients smile, laugh, move and touch some unusual animals. We look forward to ongoing support of community pet therapy programs for our patients."

Richard D. Smith, MD
Medical Director
John Muir Rehabilitation Services

Jeanette Engle-Ramirez, MRA OTR
Administrative Director
Rehabilitation Services

Patty Haggen, PT MHA
Manager of Rehabilitation Services
John Muir/Mt. Diablo Health System
Walnut Creek, CA


"Thank you so very much for agreeing to visit our community in October, the 9th of 2002 at 10AM. This will be a perfect day. We look forward to a healing from your animal friends.

We are excited! Our Alzheimer folks will be brought into the Assisted Living area for the visit. We then would love to walk you and the animal friends up to the Health Care Center where our skilled nursing patients will be waiting.

What a special work you and your husband do for the world and our seniors."

Maureen Milligan
Director of Activities
Brighton Gardens Assisted Living
Santa Rosa, CA


"...All year long people have asked me, 'When is Kazzy coming back?' Your visit last year was one of the most powerful examples of the ability of animals to lift patients' spirits and to provide great joy to them, in spite of the serious problems patients often have to deal with during hospitalization. I and all our staff are forever grateful to you for providing this most treasured and valuable service to our patients..."

Maggie Maguire
Recreation Therapist
Rehabilitation Services
John Muir/Mt. Diablo Health System
Walnut Creek, CA


"Pets for Patients," Napa Valley Register, Friday, July 21, 2000

"Dear Editor,

How heartwarming to read about the Lyon Ranch and the beneficial work they are doing for the sick and chronically ill in this community.

To pet and communicate with an animal, if only for a brief time, has been proven to lower blood pressure, facilitate communication and produce a sense of calmness in bedridden patients. Thank you for featuring such an informative article on the front page and a big thank you to the Lyon Ranch.

Anyone who rescues, provides care, loves and trains animals to help people, has my respect and admiration."

Kay Gaughan, RN

"I want to thank you for the amazing visit we shared with you both and Kazzy and all the wonderful animals you brought with you to Primrose. Believe me, the residents, although impaired, still ask about and remember that visit.

It is magic what happens when such terrific energy as yours has such an impact on so many."

Suzanne L. Ramey
Office Manager
Primrose Alzheimers Facility
Santa Rosa, CA